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Nativity scenes from Christkindl

The mechanical crib

Built by Karl Klauda, it is one of the largest preserved mechanical Christmas cribs in Austria. 300 figures are drawing the Bohemian roller organ sounds, which are operated with gears and bicycle chains, through the biblical landscape and make the crib appear alive.

In the center of the crib is the Holy Family with the shepherds. A salutary history shows Adam and Eve, Old Testament figures, followed by Jesus with the apostles and historical figures. The entry of the three kings and the flight to Egypt are to be seen as well as original representations from the domestic and oriental life.

The `Pöttmesser´ crib

One of the largest nativity scenes in the world, built by its eponym Ferdinand Pöttmesser, with a remarkable 778 hand-carved and dressed figures.

The oriental nativity scene is divided into four parts:

The shepherd's field with the Annunciation
The representation of the birth of Jesus in a rock grotto
Women at the fountain and Bedouin market
The Magi with their retinue from an oriental city.


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