Jetzt Buchen

Travel groups

Groups and bus travelers are welcome in our house, all year round.

Quick and competent service will guarantee you a pleasant and relaxing time in our hotel and restaurant Christkindlwirt.

What makes us unique:

  • We are located directly behind the baroque pilgrimage church Christkindl
  • The world famous Christmas Post Office is located right in our house
  • the mechanical nativity scene, as well as the Pöttmesser nativity scene are just a 2-minute walk away from us (more info: Steyr & Christkindl, nativity scenes from Christkindl)
  • 165 free parking spaces in Christkindl
  • Busses can park and turn around easily

  • Homemade Christkindler pastries - we are especially known for the original and delicious Christkindler cream cake

Group lunch menus:

The snow-covered pilgrimage church Christkindl - picture

The nativity scenes from Christkindl - picture

The Christmas post office at Christkindlwirt - picture